Good day Participants,

Just an update for those who have been asking and for those who may have forgotten. Career Source International's main focus at this time is registration. Everything will be done in stages to avoid confusion and to avoid having some students being left behind. At this time, this is what you are required to do:

  1. Make your registration fee payment (Either online or through the bank. Account information will be attached below).
  2. Submit your bank voucher to info@csi876.com ( If payment was made through the bank). Once payment has been verified, your account will be cleared and you will be able to log in and out as you wish.
  3. ALL (both new and returning) students are required to create an account on our online system (http://www.j1jobs.exchange/index.php). If you experience any problems when trying to log in, please send us an email and we will address the matter for you.

Once your account is up and running, you will be required to upload the general registration documents. These are:

  1. Passport information page (This may be scanned, or a clear (blur free, non-pixelated) picture can be submitted.
  2. A detailed resume.
  3. Previous J1 visa(s) (If you have participated on the J1 Work and Travel before).
  4. A copy of your social security card (If you have participated on the J1 Work and Travel before).

Once you have done that, your next step would be to pay your Job Offer Processing fee of $200USD (This is non-refundable once you sign your job offer), or you may pay your fees in full.

After you have made your payments, created your account and have uploaded your documents to your account, you would have completed the first stage of the registration process, and would not be required to do anything else until further advised by Career Source International Limited.

Once registration is closed, we will screen all documents, issue application forms, provide students with access to sponsor systems and allow you to select your job placement. 

Our aim is to do this in stages in order to avoid confusion and to avoid any student being left behind. Also, being that we have a set amount of students that we will be working with, we will provide notice in advance once we are getting close to that number and we will notify students once registration has been closed off.

Also, for the students who have been enquiring, the deadline (December 30, 2016) outlined on all invoices is the date in which all balances would need to be cleared. You are not required to make a lump sum payment, payments can be made in parts leading up to the December 30, 2016 deadline.

Should there be any questions or concerns, feel free to send us an email. Please enjoy the rest of your evening and thanks for making it Career Source International Limited.